Green Party Erie PA

A grassroots political alternative that values Democracy, Social Justice, Ecology and Peace for Erie County and surrounding area.

Meeting Minutes

March 31, 2019

Meeting was held online via the platform.

In attendance were Brian Alverson, David Miller,  Emma Rougeux and Cheryl Rougeux

Brian reported on the GPPA meeting he attended in Pittsburgh.  

  • a dedicated delegates page on the GPPA website is  now available for our delegates to check out. 
  • Communication Team is looking for volunteer editors to assist in the Green Star monthly newsletter
  • Core Team needs volunteers for technical assistance
  • National GPUS convention will occur July 25-28 in Salem, MA.  Public is welcome
  • GPPA sent a letter to the UN suggesting they address the ongoing widespread nuclear contamination from the Fukushima disaster in Japan and urging that the Olympics be moved away from Japan for obvious reasons
  • A press release was written about the GPPA position opposing the bailout of PP&L for the 3 Mile Island nuclear power plant shut down.  We do not feel public funds should be used for such
  • locals are encouraged to write letters to editors in local publications for exposure of Green news and information
  • GPPA web conferences will be held  May 19 and September 15 at noon


A discussion of where we should focus as far as local issues ensued. After discussing many issues,  it was decided that Dave will write a position statement about the pollution at the Coke Plant.   Brian will work on a statement about the benefits of municipal utilities.    

We talked about local activities and other local groups that we might be able to get involved with.  It was decided that Dave will arrange for a table at the Erie Pride Fest in June like he did last year.  And, we will discuss this topic further at next meeting.

Meeting adjourned

Next (virtual) meeting Sunday,  April 28 at 4 - 5 pm.  



February 24, 2019

Meeting was held online via the platform.

In attendance were David Miller, Brian Alverson, Emma Rougeux and Cheryl Rougeux.  Neil Haagan from Ce,ntre County also attended.


1. elect officers for 2019

2. elect delegates to state meetings for 2019.  Erie County gets 3 delegates and 2 alternates.

3. vote on by-laws for 2019


Neil is from Centre County Greens and he is a Green Wave outreach for Northwest PA. He runs a facebook page for Green Party of Northwest PA, which reaches out to Erie, Crawford, Warren and Mercer Counties,  He is also active in the Centre County Green Party and the Progressive Greens of Central PA.  He discussed the need to reach out via social media and to get involved with local groups with similar interests and he shared important useful information about rules and procedures to follow as we organized for 2019.  He also suggested to involve Andrew Caswell, who he is in contact with through facebook.


Brian Alverson recently moved to Erie from Rochester, NY and will be here while his wife attends Mercyhurst.  He has been active attending state virtual meetings and wants to be involved locally while he is in Erie.

Dave Miller is a founder of the Erie chapter and served as chairman and delegate for 2018 

Emma Rougeux is a founder and served as a delegate for 2018

Cheryl Rougeux is a founder and served as secretary and delegate for 2018

discussion ensued...

Brian moved to appoint himself, Emma and Dave as delegates for 2019, with Cheryl Rougeux and Andrew Caswell as alternate delegates.  Emma Seconded.  No objection.  Motion carried.

Dave will email Andrew for his acceptance.

Brian suggested that the 30 day notice for a vote specified in the by-laws was long and maybe we should take that out.

discussion ensued...

Brian moved to change 30 days to 14 days.  Dave seconded.  No objections.  Motion carried.


Officers for 2019:

Dave nominated Brian for Chairman.  Emma seconded.  Brian accepted.

Cheryl nominated Dave for Treasurer.  Emma seconded.  Dave accepted.

Dave nominated Cheryl for Secretary.  Brian seconded.  Cheryl accepted.

We must submit the altered by-laws to the County Board of Elections and to the Secretary of GPPA.  The chairman and Treasurer must sign the new by-laws.  Dave will alter them and he and Brian will arrange to get them to the BoE.  Cheryl will alter them on the website and post officers and minutes as well.

Neil suggested we reach out to Ohio and New York Greens since we are so close.  He suggested contacting the Toledo Society for Clean Water.  Also, if anyone wants to run for local offices this year, they must be registered Green by 30 days prior to Primary Day.   To see when to submit paperwork for running, see Important Dates to Remember on the State Department website.  Also  There are 10 political parties in PA.  The GPPA Nationbuilder website has names of people registered Green in Erie County.

Next meeting Sunday, March 31, 2019.  We will hold the meeting on Zoom again.

Meeting adjourned.