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PA Green Party celebrates 6 wins in 10 races in 2017

by David Ochmanowicz,   Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Green Party of Pennsylvania is celebrating several election victories for 2017. Out of ten candidates running, six were elected to office. Jules Mermelstein, statewide candidate for PA Superior Court Judge was not one of those elected.  However his strong showing was a victory in its own right, ensuring minor party status for the Green Party of Pennsylvania for two more years.

More than one out of every 20 voters across the state voted for Jules.  His vote count of 106,131 was more than eight times the number of registered Greens in the state, showing strong cross-party support. Jules’s campaign achieved over 9% statewide and over 10% in 15 Counties; Jules’s campaign for Superior Court Judge was a victory for PA Greens

Nate Craig received an outstanding 10.3% of the vote in the race for Phoenixville Mayor in Chester County, giving encouragement to future Green candidates throughout PA.

Congratulations to our fellow Green’s across Pennsylvania who have been elected to serve in and for their communities and towns.

2017 elected Pennsylvania Greens:

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